I’ve contributed to a bunch of online publications including VICE, The Hairpin, The Daily Dot, Salon, The Huffington Post, MailOnline, The Peach, xoJane and The Frisky. Here’s a handful of my pieces:

“Dear V. Supportive Bro From Work”, on wtfishappeninghelp
“The Best Time I Burned the Shit Out Of My Hand Whilst Waxing My Box”, on The Hairpin
“Cactus legs, etc: the merits of not having a boyfriend”, on The Peach
“Dating in America: you’re doing it wrong”, on The Peach
“An open letter to Victor Pride (the internet’s fave misogynist)”, on The Peach
“Everybody left the World Cup party when her left tit popped”, on The Huffington Post
“Chris Brown vs. life: translation of a fool’s prose”, on The Peach
“A flawless break-up checklist”, on The Peach
“Getting famous 101: a guide to the best kind of notoriety”, on The Peach
“Things I don’t get about babies”, on The Peach
“Your high heels are redundant”, on The Peach
“If you suck at texting, you suck at life”, on The Peach
“Five fashion-y things I’ll never understand”, on The Peach
“The cat’s on Prozac”, on The Peach
“Mausoleums and Zac Hanson – response to a fangirl’s confessions, from another fangirl”, on The Peach

“Chronicles of Scott Disick’s butt crack. Can’t the Lord afford better pants?”, on The Daily Mail
“Courtney Stodden levies a Superbowl audience with her superbowls”, on The Daily Mail
“An Open Letter From Bennifer & Scottney to All Tabloids”, on The Daily Dot

(and on a more serious note…)

“Celebrity school: because Lana Del Rey cannot deal with feminism right now”, on the Huffington Post
“What makes a good porn script?”, on VICE (NSFW)
“Talking to Deported Immigrants Through the US-Mexico Border Fence”, on VICE
“An anecdote from a felafel stand”, on xoJane
“Life’s secret (awesome)sauce – for fish and chicken”, on The Peach